Research and Development Services

Emigta perceives R&D services as the major milestone to realize the creation of world class products. Many businesses lag behind in R&D due to competing priorities such as existing product issues, increase in number of customers and commitments exhausting their resource capacity. This weakens their focus from new ideas and innovations.

Our R&D services help to cost-effectively create new ideas and innovations in parallel without compromising the existing commitments of businesses. Our R&D process is carried out in focused technology labs where engineers find and implement the technology, methodologies and tools which are most appropriate to unravel specific customer challenges. Our team is continuously looking out for innovative technologies from leading vendors which can contribute significantly to our R&D approach.

Our R&D Suite offers the following benefits  

• Optimization of new product development and integration of R&D and production
• Assure rapid concept-to-systems development to gain the best benefits
• Innovate a unique product that differentiates from others
• Certainty in enhancing your product’s quality
• Enhance and sustain your ability to innovate rapidly and efficiently
• Seamless integration of products and systems with third-party systems
• Predictability in improving your time-to-market
• Increase profitability of business by sustaining innovation and cutting down the cost of ownership
• Less complexity and greater flexibility
• Better control
• Ability to take on new technology challenges with minimized risk
• Provides more bandwidth to focus on core engineering activities


Prior to offering R&D consulting, we analyze your business objectives, the ideas you are looking for- related to products, services and cost saving and the type of people you expect to contribute ideas. Emigta offers complete R&D services ranging from concept development to prototyping to implementation of finished product. Our comprehensive expertise spans across multiple industries and includes system design, application software, middleware, mobile and web applications.

With a strong focus on distressing technologies in the areas of cloud, analytics, mobility and unified communications, we help our clients innovate in a new era, and enable devices to be perfectly connected, seamlessly managed and highly applied to meet the demand of end users. At Emigta, we understand our clients need for industry-specific technology solutions and our domain specialists deliver business-enabling solutions by leveraging a consulting-led, framework-based, and IP-driven approach across the industry value chain.



Client Testimonials
  • “Emigta exceeded our expectations with their expert customer service. They are diligent, professional, and work to make sure that you are happy.”

    Scott Thompson

  • “Emigta has done wonders for me. They have turned idea into a working reality. They have the best services I've experienced anywhere.”

    Mark Rogers

  • “As always, Emigta proves to be a strategic partner for us and helps us push the needle further. We are extremely pleased with their proactive and hands-on approach on helping us employ best practices.”

    Edward Jonnes

  • “The continuously changing requirements are incorporated within the given time frame. Even the last minute changes are taken care of. The development and delivery of Emigta team were as smooth as it never was with my past partners. Everything was very much above expectation.”

    Steffy Leese