Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a process where an employer transfers or outsources entire or just part of its recruitment functions and processes to an external service provider. A properly managed Recruitment Process Outsourcing will enhance an organization’s time to hire, increase the quality of the talent pool, reduce cost and advance governmental compliance. Talent acquisition is a major challenge in India. There is a huge competition to identify the best talent and organizations are increasingly realizing that recruitment branding has become a core competency to succeed.


Finding a right recruitment partner who understands the business objectives and develops the recruitment process has proven to be a challenge for many organizations seeking to outsource their recruitment activities. At Emigta, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is not just outsourcing the recruitment process. It is also identifying, scrutinizing and delivering the talent that creates the greatest impact on your business.


Emigta is aimed at giving technology companies a value-based end-to-end recruitment solution to build a world-class team. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing services can help you to nurture new talent and grow your candidate network.


Key Benefits includes  

• Increase hiring speed

• Significant reduction in cost and time to hire

• Quality of sourcing

• Access to talent pool

• Enhancement of employer brand and reputation

• More responsive workforce planning

• Minimized administrative effort

• Scalable and reliable solution that globally fit clients needs.


Employee Recruitment Services

With a proven record of successful recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and personalized employee recruitment solutions, we drive continuous best practices into the businesses we support. For our business to be successful, two other constituents need to be successful – our candidates and our clients. We are here to connect both groups and create value and reward.


Job Analysis

We perform an on-site job analysis for every new position posted by our clients. We learn about the organization’s unique culture and we make sure that we understand the roles and responsibilities of the position and the attributes that predict success. The job analysis allows us to develop a profile for the ideal candidate.


Job Description Creation and Job Posting

Our team of experts knows how to draft job postings that bring in the right applicants. Our sourcing team is highly skilled to use the latest technology and Boolean search techniques to target specific people.



Initial screening for entry-level opportunities is time consuming. Our team will act as your spokesperson and screen candidates based on criteria specified by the clients.



We will then schedule the candidates for interview who fit and perform best in your organization and contribute towards productivity and business growth.



We represent our client and do quality interviewing as well as reference and background-checking services to reduce operating costs and time. We also do salary negotiation as per clients’ request.



Our Emigta team will have ongoing communication with the clients and candidates regarding the interview and selection process.



Once the hiring process is completed, we follow-up with our candidates and clients to make sure that the selected candidate is a perfect fit.

Professional Services

As an experienced recruitment service provider, we can help you at whatever the stage you’re in your career journey.

“Emigta is different” - Pathfinder for success.



Client Testimonials
  • “Emigta exceeded our expectations with their expert customer service. They are diligent, professional, and work to make sure that you are happy.”

    Scott Thompson

  • “Emigta has done wonders for me. They have turned idea into a working reality. They have the best services I've experienced anywhere.”

    Mark Rogers

  • “As always, Emigta proves to be a strategic partner for us and helps us push the needle further. We are extremely pleased with their proactive and hands-on approach on helping us employ best practices.”

    Edward Jonnes

  • “The continuously changing requirements are incorporated within the given time frame. Even the last minute changes are taken care of. The development and delivery of Emigta team were as smooth as it never was with my past partners. Everything was very much above expectation.”

    Steffy Leese