Cloud Services

Businesses are moving to the cloud, to lower their IT costs and increase their efficiency. As an experienced IT service provider, Emigta offers complete solutions and professional services for cloud computing. We help you build a roadmap to the cloud that best suits your business requirements. Emigta understands that every "way to the cloud" is unique, which depends on core business objectives, infrastructure, applications, processes and readiness to adopt a cloud model. Hence, we have developed a range of cloud services that are customizable to fit your specific requirements.

Our Cloud Computing Services includes  

• Software as a Service(SaaS)
• Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)
• Platform as a Service (PaaS)
• Cloud adoption assessment
• Planning & designing cloud services
• Delivering & Managing Cloud Services
• Utility computing

Emigta provides consulting, auditing and training on highly scalable infrastructure and can help companies of any size maximize their return on investment on both on-premise infrastructures and in the cloud. We can also manage and maintain your critical infrastructure and assist you in scaling and migration. We have the necessary infrastructure and proficiency to help you move to the cloud strategy in an efficient and cost-effective way.


Client Testimonials
  • “Emigta exceeded our expectations with their expert customer service. They are diligent, professional, and work to make sure that you are happy.”

    Scott Thompson

  • “Emigta has done wonders for me. They have turned idea into a working reality. They have the best services I've experienced anywhere.”

    Mark Rogers

  • “As always, Emigta proves to be a strategic partner for us and helps us push the needle further. We are extremely pleased with their proactive and hands-on approach on helping us employ best practices.”

    Edward Jonnes

  • “The continuously changing requirements are incorporated within the given time frame. Even the last minute changes are taken care of. The development and delivery of Emigta team were as smooth as it never was with my past partners. Everything was very much above expectation.”

    Steffy Leese