Automotive industry has had a long run of success based on its ability to seamlessly adapt to customer requirements in terms of technology and design. This has given rise to the highest levels of product development and engineering being implemented in conjunction with technology that is futuristic and cutting-edge. As a part of this industry you are also a part of the change that this domain brings while new trends and discoveries are made in technology.


This industry needs to get on the fast track to the future, if they are to exploit the potential of capitalizing market opportunities. These opportunities come with new market dynamics that help enterprises catch up on the road to sustained success.

Our Automotive Enterprises  

• Emigta helps automotive clients perform with solutions and services in three ways: efficient operations, business transformation and accelerating innovation.We also help by focusing on competitive differentiation while steering toward value in areas ranging from manufacturing to after-sales and services.
• Emigta helps automotive companies run highly efficient operations across different business and IT functions by leveraging IT operations, lean IT principles and IT infrastructure operations. Emigta also provides business operations for efficient back-office operations, human resources, procurement and warranty claims management.
• Emigta advises and implements business solutions enabled by technology implementations that transform core functions of an automotive enterprise to deliver industry-leading performance and shareholder value.
• We help automotive organizations do all this and more with automotive product development from ideation to launch, Product Engineering (PE) and Product Lifecycle Engineering Services (PLES), and enterprise mobility — helping enterprises speed up the time to market for products.

Through our services we strive to provide automotive industry solutions that drive efficiency while significantly reducing production costs for your automotive assembly line without compromising in any way to the quality you showcase.



Client Testimonials
  • “Emigta exceeded our expectations with their expert customer service. They are diligent, professional, and work to make sure that you are happy.”

    Scott Thompson

  • “Emigta has done wonders for me. They have turned idea into a working reality. They have the best services I've experienced anywhere.”

    Mark Rogers

  • “As always, Emigta proves to be a strategic partner for us and helps us push the needle further. We are extremely pleased with their proactive and hands-on approach on helping us employ best practices.”

    Edward Jonnes

  • “The continuously changing requirements are incorporated within the given time frame. Even the last minute changes are taken care of. The development and delivery of Emigta team were as smooth as it never was with my past partners. Everything was very much above expectation.”

    Steffy Leese